Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Rome featured on the TODAY show

We were excited to see Kathie Lee and Hoda feature Rome s'more maker and dog'n brat cooker on the TODAY show this morning. They were doing a segment on "glamping" which is basically camping with all the creature comforts of home. The term first appeared a few years ago in the UK where people attending large rock festivals such as Glastonbury would bring everything but the kitchen sink to their campsite. Glamorous Camping or 'glamping' was born.

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Thursday, June 2, 2011

Recipe Contest Winner - Bacon Egg & Cheese Biscuit

Congratulations to Dan from Monee, IL. He's our latest winner of the Rome Pie Iron recipe contest with his take on a morning breakfest sandwich classic.

Bacon Egg & Cheese Biscuit - for the Pie Iron

Just Like McDonalds! Well, not quite, but close enough when your in the middle of a forest.

We have been refining this to make it as easy as possible. And while these options might sacrifice gourmet quality, they make up for it with simplicity and clean-up (essential while out in the woods). Here are some tips for simplicity:
Use the precooked, heat and serve, ready to eat bacon. Buy it pre-made, and you don't have to worry about all the bacon grease and a pan to clean out at the campsite. Plus the box of precooked bacon needs no refrigeration until opened, freeing up some room in the always crowded cooler. ( we started by making bacon at camp, then made bacon at home, then settled on the pre-made stuff)

Eggs: this is a great general eggs tip: Usually, all eggs prepared in camp are scrambled anyway, so start at home. Use a squeezy type sports bottle and, while at home, crack all the eggs you want to take with you into it and add a splash of milk. Shake the heck out of the bottle (make sure the cap is screwed on nice and tight and that the spout is pushed closed!) and you have scrambled eggs in a convenient, unbreakable, waterproof, more compact container that fits more easily in the cooler and allows for quick and easy dispensing!

2 Buttermilk GRANDS refrigerator biscuits*
2 slices bacon
1 slice of American cheese
1 squirt of scrambled egg (about 2 table spoons or so)

Use a can of soda or beer to roll 1 biscuit of dough nice and thin and large enough to cover the one side of the pie iron well. Squeeze closed any holes that appear. and press into well to conform to iron.

squirt in egg, place bacon on egg (trim bacon with pocket knife if necessary so it fits) and cheese on top of bacon. Roll out other biscuit dough and place on top of the biscuit egg bacon cheese. Clamp other pie iron well on and cook for several minutes on each side until biscuit is golden.

This sandwich takes some practice and tweaking to get right, biscuit dough and eggs usually squirt out the side into the fire, but once you get it right, you get it RIGHT! Enjoy!

Dan - Monee, IL

*Most of the other recipes I saw say use buttered bread. We used to do that, but, as my bacon egg cheese sandwich calls for biscuit dough, we use non-stick cooking spray. It is easier than butter, does a more thorough job of greasing it, and packs and travels more conveniently. Just spray the inside of both sides instead of using butter.