Thursday, October 21, 2010

Pie Iron Recipe Contest Winner - Chesapeake Mountain Pie

Congrats to Dave from Baltimore for his winning pie iron recipe. He won us over with his creative twist on a crab cake.

Chesapeake Mountain Pie Recipe

Butter the outside of 2 slices of white bread
Place one piece of bread in cooker buttered side out
Mix cooked crabmeat with appropriate amount of mayonaise to create a creamy but dry mixture
Place 1 tbs cooked crabmeat mix in center of bread
Sprinkle "old bay" seafood seasoning on crabmeat
Place 2 stips cooked bacon over crabmeat
Cover with the 2nd piece of bread buttered side out
Cook til golden brown... enjoy

We pick a new contest winner every month, so keep sending in your recipes to If you win we'll send you a free pie iron & recipe book. Also your recipe may be featured in a future printing of one of our recipe books.

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