Friday, May 11, 2007

Scout Cookout

Here's a series of photos sent in by an Ohio Girl Scout troop who had a great time learning about and making pies. Not sure if there's some kind of badge for pie irons yet. Maybe it's time to start lobbying for one :)

We've got a full assembly line going here

You can hold them over the fire....

or if you get tired, just lay 'em in the coals & kick back

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Anonymous said...

I just led 2 very successful weeks of Girl Scout Day Camp. The hit of both weeks was the day we made Pie Iron Pizzas. Most of the girls had no idea what a pie iron even was and couldn't imagine that they would be able to make something edible in them. Were they ever delighted when they turned out their creations and were able to eat them. Most wanted to make more. Needless to say we will be doing this again and again with my Girl Scout Troop. Tons of fun and edible to boot. Leigh Orchard Troop 952 in St. Charles, Illinois