Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Pie Iron Fusion

When my old buddy Joe told me that he was going camping over the weekend and that he'd be cooking up some pies in the double cast iron, I knew it wasn't going to be cherry pie filling. Creative, adventurous and willing to mix styles - that's Joe. I told him, "make sure you take some pictures as I'm curious to see what you cook up for the Kelly & the kids." He did not disappoint and in classic mash-up style, he presented his hit of the weekend. Here's the recipe in his own words -

The Crazy Girlfriend Panini Sandwich. "Hot , sweet, and a little cheesy."
Rye or whole wheat buttered on pan side. (Dude, honestly, I often use Pam cooking spray on the pie iron -is this a sin?)

Spread mango chutney on open side of bread and layer with sliced chicken or turkey, a slice of your favorite type of cheese, and a square quarter sheet of sushi nori (seaweed).

Cook in Pie Iron until bread is toasted and cheese is melted

Joe looking very serious as he does the assembly work

Daughter Brooke gets the cooking honors


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Mandy N. said...

Heck no it's not a sin, it's definitely more portable, easier and less messy. I used to be firm user of butter, but I used cooking spray once and now swear by it.